Commercial and Industrial Electrical Contractor Services

Electrical Services For Commercial and Industrial Applications.

Any power issues or delayed maintenance means a loss in productivity which ultimately effects revenue. At Helpin Electrical Service, Corp we offer ongoing service contracts to help you maximize benefits. We specialize in fast diagnosis of problems and in taking immediate action to get you back to full capacity ASAP. We are experienced professional electrical contractors dedicated to fast dependable service for any commercial and industrial electrical work requirements.

Electrical Safety and Security

Safety and security is our number one priority. We always stay on top of industry news and publications to ensure that we remain current with electrical safety and security information. We promise to take what ever steps we deem necessary to protect our customers business and their employees. We always provide the information and knowledge needed to optimize electrical safety in the work environment.

Emergency Service Calls

Our service contracts include large hotels, retail establishments, housing complexes and property management companies. Electricity is a powerful resource that can even have deadly consequences if mismanaged or misapplied. So do yourself a favor and work with a certified master electrician to make sure your up running safely and efficiently with your business or commercial venture.

While it may seem to make sense to have a "handy-man" make small repairs there are risks. First and foremost most electrical repairs require a licensed professional by law. A short cut with a "handy-man" can have dire consequences if something goes wrong. Insurance may not cover damages or worse you may be held liable for additional damages caused by an electrical shock accident or electrical fire.

Let us take the risk and accountability for keeping your business up and running. Call us today for maintenance contract information and ongoing service work agreements to help keep your costs down and efficiency and safety up.

Cost Saving Energy Improvements

Equipping you with the latest energy saving devices and applications with energy efficient electricity solutions. As more and more businesses care about the environment we want you to know that care too. By making smart decisions to use current state-of-the-art equipment and systems you can increase your profitability while minimizing the impact on the environment.

We always stay informed with the latest information and resources needed to make educated decisions about which solutions are best for you. We always go out of our way not only to offer comprehensive solutions for all your commercial electrical needs; but to keep you informed of anything that effects your business specifically.

Lighting System Upgrades and Improvements

Retail Lighting Displays
We can help improve and beautify your business and even increase sales with appropriate lighting fixtures. A well lit store with targeted spot lighting can have a dramatic impact on customers being directed to the appropriate promotions you're offering. Rather than a large amount of spot lighting on everything, a few well positioned displays with good lighting can help save on energy costs. Lowering your costs over all while increasing the impact factor to your customers.

Specialty Lighting and LED Alternatives
With custom exterior lighting designs and quality installation you can increase the curb appeal of your business. The new LED lighting fixtures can have incredible visual appeal with dramatic discounts in electric bill charges. LED's inside too can help lower overall costs and decrease heat production caused by older high-intensity light bulbs. Call Helpin Electric and lets discuss your business goals and objectives with your electrical lighting needs.

Manufacturing and Warehouse Lighting Fixtures
A well lit work environment is critical for Employee safety and performance of daily job duties. Proper lighting is an essential part of operating a business. Job performance can increase or decrease depending on the lighting situation. Personal productivity increases with an appropriate lighted environment. Let us help you improve your space with the right fixtures and set-ups to maximize efficiency and productivity.


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